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The Commercial Real Estate Agency Blogs

It’s no secret by now that one of the cornerstones of a great marketing strategy, you need to have great content, well-written and helpful to your site visitors. Perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is through creating and actively maintaining a blog. You’re probably thinking, wait, I’m a commercial real estate agent, where do I even start with having a blog? Here are some tips to get you started on your way to becoming a CRE wordsmith.

1. Don’t cover too much at once

As an author, your space on the blogosphere is pretty much unlimited. However, this does not mean that you should try to cram all you know about one topic into one single blog post. If you think that the topic can be broken down into smaller sub units, you should also make blog posts covering only those sub units. It will be easier for your readers to process, it will be easier for you to write, and it will give you more content and more traffic.

2. One topic = one blog post

Related to our previous point, your blog posts should revolve around one single topic. The reason is simple – both you and your readers will be able to stay more focused. If you’re already brewing with ideas, write them down and expand them in future blog posts.

3. Answer the right questions

Writing helpful content is one of the best ways to get your visitors engaged and keep them returning to your site. However, you need to make sure that you’re answering those questions which they need help with. Put yourself in the prospects’ shoes and see what kind of concerns and problems they might have.

4. Cover common problems

In your average working day, you come across dozens of clients and they all have similar questions and doubts. Why not use this knowledge to your advantage? Your blog can be a platform where you address frequently asked questions, problems and concerns your clients might have.

5. Look at the bigger picture

You might think that having your own blog implies that you should use it to write about yourself, your agency and your work experience. However, your potential clients will not be looking for information specific to your agency. Instead, they will be looking for more general information pertaining to the commercial real estate industry. This is why your blog posts should rarely touch upon your own agency, unless it’s something really worth noting – such as an important deal you closed, company anniversary, charity event you hosted or similar.

Some Additional Features You Can Expect From Short Stay Apartments

People always look for a convenient option when they like to take certain services or products. Even if for living somewhere for a shorter period they don’t want to let the opportunities go. Therefore, the concept of serviced apartments emerges; and it becomes very much popular these days. People often love to compare this kind of living space with the traditional hotels. But after reading this article you would be able to decide the best alternative for you. Firstly, you need to look at those factors that you seldom get in a traditional hotel.

What to look for in serviced apartments?

Traditional hotels have certain drawbacks; and people prefer staying in short stay apartments to avert all those drawbacks. Most of the hotels cannot offer you bigger space, better comfort zone, better security and many more. That’s why several providers have come up offering a better alternative to these hotels. Needless to say, this kind of living space can offer something extra than that of a traditional hotels. Check out the advantages below

· Home Cooked Food: This is one of the most impressing reasons why people love this kind of apartments. Here you would get e separate kitchen where you can cook your food as per your will. You don’t have to rely on some unhealthy processed food anymore. You no longer miss your home-made food even when you are out of station.

· Entertainment & Communication: Moreover, you would get a computer here with active internet connectivity. Complete your assignment or relax by listening to some melodious songs. And in terms of communication, it is just unmatched. You can find these apartments in main towns or urban areas so, no issue with communication. Besides, there will be a complete arrangement of large screen LCD/Plasma TV together with home theatre system and Cable TV. So, you can get many opportunities to get entertained.

· Luxury Amenities: Accommodation rental providers offer all kinds of luxury amenities here since they want to offer you something more than a traditional hotel. You can spend time with absolute peace and tranquility.

Other than these advantages, most of the people are on the view that choosing this kind of living space over traditional hotels is actually cost-effective. Yes, that’s true of course, since you can enjoy all sorts of added benefits in a single package. Besides, better security arrangement is another sort of facility of this kind of apartment.

Amit Saha is a professional blogger who has thorough knowledge on the positive and negative sides of serviced apartments. Check out his posts to know more information regarding this.

About Commercial Property for Lease

Getting hold of a commercial property is tough. This cannot be compared with getting a residential property for lease. There are many factors which can turn the most lucrative deal against you. Also there exist a lot of factors that can affect the business opportunities as well profitability if such a property is not chosen without thinking about the pros and cons.

To choose a proper place we need to look for the right place where we can have our business running smoothly. In such cases many people rely on their own instinct and go ahead with their own strategy and plan to get a lease. They may succeed or they may fail. But if you are looking to get a commercial property for lease, you must always find a broker who knows the tricks of the trade. Getting a broker will help you in selecting the right properties in the area of your choice.

Getting a commercial broker is not at all difficult as they are more than willing to find you the right place if you sign a small representation agreement and part with a little incentive. As they will be getting most of the fees from the owner, they will definitely secure you with the best deal available. If you are trying to lease a place in a small town where commercial brokers may not be available, you can search the public records yourself and have a deal fixed with the landowner. But choosing a broker in a big city will help you as the brokers work for the commissions and they will definitely try to get you the best deal available. Finding such a broker is not difficult at all especially if you are working with any real estate attorney.

As is the case while renting a residential property, you will find that the lease agreement is generally more inclined towards the benefits of the landlord. You have to be very careful about the terms and conditions as there are a few snags that remain almost in every agreement and if not addressed at the beginning, could dent your financial plans. Any commercial property for lease market is a cut-throat market, and any agreement should be prepared so that both the tenant and the owner get to receive benefit from the contract. As of current situation there is no fixed security deposit that you must pay and it varies a lot. You can use your negotiation skills to reduce the amount though.

The general areas that may or may not be mentioned specifically in the agreement need to be addressed properly and you should come to a decision regarding the up keeping of the common areas. However, even if not mentioned, you are responsible for maintenance and utility of the area you have taken on lease. The tenure of lease may be fixed by both the parties and can range from anything from 2 years and more. If you want to leave the place before normal deadline, you must be ready to pay out the remaining period by giving a termination fee.

Information The Line Sukhumvit 101 Is an Ideal Property Investment Destination

There is good news for the people looking for a residential property investment in Central Bangkok. Although central Bangkok does not offer adequate space for a residential property investment at the city center, one can now choose a condo in close proximity to it (city center).

The Line Sukhumvit 101, a condominium project, is a very good option for the foreign property investors in Bangkok. Developed by Ananda Development, the Line Sukhumvit 101 offers 37 floors and 778 units for a peaceful living. As the building is under construction, a residential property investor can buy a condo easily or customize it according to his or her choice. Located at 3007/3 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Bang Chak, Khet Phra Khanong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10260, this huge condominium is supposed to be completed in the year 2021. Only three units in this condominium are ready for sale.

The value-added benefit of this location is the proximity of the Punnawithi BTS train. The station is only 250 meters away from the condominium.


This ultra-modern condominium includes almost all modern amenities like:

• Parking zone
• Swimming pool
• 24-hours security
• CCTV surveillance 24×7
• Playground
• Shop on premise
• Greenland
• Kid’s area
• Swimming pool
• Gym center
• Garden area
• Restaurant on premise
• Wi-Fi internet connection at lower piece

Besides, the location of this modern building is well-connected with the various important parts of the city.


Location is superb. It is only 340 meters away from the Punna Withi. It does not take more than 4 minutes (on foot) to cover the distance between the building and Punna Withi. The nearest tollway entrance is only 1.5 km from it.

Numerous shops are only a stone’s throw away from the building.

Have a look at these

• Piyarom Place is only 930 meters away. It takes nearly 2 minutes by car.
• The distance of Piyarom (Tops Market) is only 930 meters. By car, it takes only 2 minutes.
• Siam Paradise Night Bazaar from it is only 960 meters away.
• Diwavery is only 1.1 km or 3 minutes away (by car)
• To reach Akanat Plaza by car, you need maximum 6 minutes. The distance is only 1.7 km (by car).
Besides, many reputable schools are easily accessible from here.

These schools are as follows:

• Pipattana School is within 710 meters. It’s a nine-minute walk from the condo.
• Samahan Sueksa School is not more than 850 meters. It takes only 5 minutes by car.
• Wells International School Onnut Branch is only 1.2 km away from it
• The distance of Somthawin School is 1.3 km
• Wat Thamma Mongkhon School is only 5 minutes away (by car)

The proximity of the reputable schools has made it a preferred choice for the foreign teachers.