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Real Estate Agents when Responding To Emails

Old – time real estate agents, often, fondly recall, the days, when consumers/ buyers learned about available houses, via the newspaper, and, then, if interested, called the listing agent, to schedule a showing. However, in today’s digital world, although newspaper and magazine advertising still exists, it has become an ever – decreasing influence on the overall marketing/ promotion/ advertising of a house. Most potential buyers use the Internet, to begin their search, and research, and rather than calling, will generally either click on some link, or send an email, to request information, etc. These ever – less – patient, potential buyers, often seek and desire as close to instant gratification, as possible. They often send inquiries to multiple agents, and the one who responds effectively, and quickly, generally has the best chance of representing them. Therefore, let’s review 5 simple steps, real estate professionals, should use, to reply/ respond to emails.

1. Carry a smartphone: While most do this, it is important to realize, one’s smartphone, is only as smart, ss the agent who carries and uses it! When you receive an email, respond immediately. Don’t wait until you’re back in front of your computer, but, rather, reply from your smartphone. If you don’t have all the information, you should still respond. If you’re on an appointment, state you are with another client, but will get all the information, to them, as soon as possible. Then, do as you promise! Remember, you can use your device, not only to reply to email, but, to browse the Internet, and get most information back.

2. Follow up: Don’t simply send an email, and forget about it. The successful agent, must follow – up. on his emails, either with a telephone call, if the number is available, or with another, well – written, email. Your communication is a reflection on you, and the first impression, the potential buyer will get, so make it a good one!

3. Make yourself stick out from the crowd: Do you use some tag – line, or slogan, to show, how you are different? Why should someone select you, rather than a competitor? What will you do, and how will you briefly, succinctly, explain it? Use this opportunity as the digital equivalent, of your elevator speech!

4. Benefits of your service/ representation: Why you? Why should they seek you out, choose you, and benefit from the experience? How will you balance self – promotion, with effective marketing and communication?

5. Transform your email communication, to closing a deal: One doesn’t earn a commission, until/ unless he gets a client or customer, to buy or sell something. How will you make your communication, so compelling, so the potential buyer, wants you? Will you close the deal?

Don’t carry a smartphone of you won’t use it effectively! Don’t blame the competition, but show how you stand out from the crowd!

Here 5 Priorities Clients Deserve From Their Real Estate Agent

Whether you are seeking to sell your home, or a potential buyer, looking for your dream house (and hiring an agent as a Buyer Representative), you deserve, and should expect, several things from the individual you hire. While both buyers and sellers should anticipate the finest service and expertise from their agent, this article will focus upon homeowners, and their relationship with their agents. Agents are bound to certain ethics and principles, both by law, as well as ethical code (for example, Realtors agree to a Code of Ethics), but this article, will attempt to simplify these principles and efforts, and focus on 5 Priorities Clients Deserve from Their Real Estate Agent.

1. Under – promise, and over – deliver: A real estate professional must be the rock, his client can lean on, and depend upon! It may be tempting for some, in their zeal and desire to gain a listing, to be overly optimistic, regarding recommending a Listing Price. However, is that really in your client’s best interest? Statistics indicate homes listed on the market, generally attract their best offers in the first few weeks, after being listed. If the price is perceived as being too high, by potential buyers, this may deter showings, and/ or quality offers! It may also create additional stress for your homeowner. Rather, one should always under – promise, but over – deliver, and that is why, I feel so strongly about my trademarked slogan, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM)!

2. Professional pricing advice: While it is the homeowner who has the final say/ word, on the Listing Price, the agent who recommends a price range, based on his professional expertise, and thorough analysis of the market in that area/ region, using a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), which compares true Comparables, using plus and minus factors/ variable, is providing the service his client deserves. Don’t merely recommend a price, you believe your prospective client, might want to hear!

3. Marketing; sales; advertising; promotion: Client and agent must thoroughly discuss strategies and ideas, so they are on the same page! Discuss how the house will be marketed, and why, sales strategies, explanations, etc, advertising media and campaigns, and promotional approaches!

4. Showing the house to its best advantage: How will and should this particular house be shown, to emphasize its strengths, and to its best advantage? Might staging make the home, more saleable? How will Open Houses be utilized, and why? How will the curb appeal, and first impressions, be enhanced?

5. Quality, professional negotiations: A homeowner’s first indication of the level of an agent’s negotiating skill, should be observing his Listing Presentation. Is it both compelling and to the point, comforting, yet leading? How does the agent handle questions, concerns and/ or objections? If you question commission, how well does he explain why he’s worth his fee? Remember, if an agent can’t justify his commission, how will he negotiate the best price and conditions, for your house?

There are many things, clients need and deserve from the real estate agent. These 5, merely touch the surface!

5 Steps For Handling Questions And Concerns In Listing Presentation

A wise man once stated, if no one asks any questions or expresses any concerns, it probably means, nobody is listening! Why, then, does it seem, so many real estate professionals, seem to be wary of (or, even, fearful), of receiving any types of challenges, questions, and/ or objections? Once an agent, begins with the attitude that any responses received, are good and positive, and combines that with the combination of good training and techniques, combined with self – confidence, this fact, should become obvious, and, even, fun! For four decades, in a variety of different industries and occupations, as well as in the personal development seminars, I have conducted, I have presented, what I refer to, as, The 5 steps for answering, and successfully overcoming, any objection. This article, will, however, focus predominantly, on the 5 Steps for Handling and Overcoming Questions and Concerns.

1. Step One: Repeat the Question: Before you rush to be defensive, or to respond, based on what you believe of feel, the potential client, is asking, repeat the question clearly, in order to be certain, you are responding to what the other person is concerned about. A simple way to do this, is simply by saying something like, In other words, you’re concerned about the commission, or So, you want to know, why you should choose me as your agent? Before continuing, however, wait until there is some positive acknowledgment, you have nailed the right concern, on the head! I called this using the ZTL (or zip the lip) approach, meaning don’t continue until you;ve gotten a response. A paramount rule of selling, is, the person who speaks next, often loses! Then, and only then, continue to Step Two.

2. Step Two: Empathy: Being empathetic is far different from saying you understand or sowing sympathy! Rather, it is how you will indicate, you truly can see things, from the client’s perspective. One recommended set of wordings, might be, I can perfectly understand how you feel. In fact, I felt that way, and so do most people I speak to, until they realized a few things. Now, seamlessly, continue to Step Three.

3. Step Three: Answer: You must be prepared, and ready to answer the question, fully, and to the satisfaction, of the other party! Do so slowly, with passion, and, clearly address and answer the concern, question and/ or objection! Be certain to make eye – contact, and attempt to elicit some positive acknowledgment, etc.

4. Step Four: Recreate the need: Hopefully, you’ve done a great job on the first three steps, but unless you perform these last two steps, well and convincingly, you’ve achieved very little! Recreating the need, can often be done, as simply as saying, In light of everything we’ve discussed, and your needs, concerns, and questions, have been addressed…

5. Step Five: Close: Are you merely a presenter, or are you a closer? There’s no deal, unless you close the deal! After completely step four, one’s closing statement, can be as simple as, Doesn’t it make sense, to take care of the paperwork, and move you closer, to your objective, of selling your home, for the best possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle? Doesn’t it? Then remember, and adhere to the principles and discipline of ZTL!

A real estate agent is in the business of marketing and selling homes, professionally! How can you do so, if you can’t answer the questions, concerns and objections, of potential clients?

How to be Real Estate Agents

When one decides, it’s the right time, for him, to attempt to sell his home, he needs to make at least 2 important decisions, from the beginning! The first is obviously, the actual decision, to sell. The second is, deciding to use the services of a quality, real estate professional, and to determine, which one, is best for you! While some homeowners attempt to do this, without using an agent (known as a FSBO, or for sale by agent), the vast majority recognize the advantages of using an agent, including easing the experience, marketing, number of showings, negotiations skills, etc. One of the most relevant advantages of choosing the right person to represent you, is their ability to effectively CREATE the best possible, available market, to get you the best available price, in the shortest period of time, while minimizing hassles!

1. Characteristics; creativity; choices; close: Your agent should identify the specific characteristics of your home, in order to best position it, for sale in the marketplace. This means, objectively recognizing both strengths and weaknesses/ limitations, and identifying the specific niche, your home might be most sought after, in. Sometimes, a degree of creativity and open – mindedness, might be needed, because one should be able to envision, the best way to show the house off, to its best advantage. There are often, several choices to be made, and your Realtor, should review these with you, so you can make the best ones, for your purposes. These may include pricing, staging, showings, etc. However, be certain you choose someone, who is a Closer, because nothing happens until he closes the deal!

2. Reality; reach; relate; respond: I so strongly believe in this, that I trademarked it, several years ago, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). This means it is important to have a realistic concept of a home’s appeal, strengths and weaknesses, and to market and price it, realistically, from the beginning. Seek an agent who will reach out, not only the conventional way, but using additional networking, and other outreach. How will potential buyers react and relate to your house? How quickly will the agent respond to inquiries, questions, etc?

3. Evaluate; email: You want someone who is able to evaluate conditions and scenarios, so you are well – informed, etc. The responsiveness, in terms of seemingly obvious actions, such as quickly responding to all inquiries, including email, etc, may become significant factors.

4. Advertising; attention; attitude: Your agent should discuss his reasoning, regarding the best Marketing Plan, for your house, including all sorts of advertising, promotion and ideas! Will he pay attention to details, which might make a difference? Does he seem to have a true, can – do, even, positive attitude, or exhibit up – and – down, roller coaster – type, behavior/ emotions?

5. Trends; timely: Real estate markets change often, and your representative should observe, identify and utilize these trends, to your best advantage! Timely, well – considered actions, are essential!

6. Exceed expectations: Beware of rhetoric and empty promises, but seek someone who will under – promise, remain level and realistic, and exceed expectations!

Will your agent effectively CREATE the best set of circumstances, to enhance your home’s performance, regardless of the present real estate market? Have a thorough conversation, and make your decision, based on whom, you feel, will get it done, for you!

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