How to be Real Estate Agents

When one decides, it’s the right time, for him, to attempt to sell his home, he needs to make at least 2 important decisions, from the beginning! The first is obviously, the actual decision, to sell. The second is, deciding to use the services of a quality, real estate professional, and to determine, which one, is best for you! While some homeowners attempt to do this, without using an agent (known as a FSBO, or for sale by agent), the vast majority recognize the advantages of using an agent, including easing the experience, marketing, number of showings, negotiations skills, etc. One of the most relevant advantages of choosing the right person to represent you, is their ability to effectively CREATE the best possible, available market, to get you the best available price, in the shortest period of time, while minimizing hassles!

1. Characteristics; creativity; choices; close: Your agent should identify the specific characteristics of your home, in order to best position it, for sale in the marketplace. This means, objectively recognizing both strengths and weaknesses/ limitations, and identifying the specific niche, your home might be most sought after, in. Sometimes, a degree of creativity and open – mindedness, might be needed, because one should be able to envision, the best way to show the house off, to its best advantage. There are often, several choices to be made, and your Realtor, should review these with you, so you can make the best ones, for your purposes. These may include pricing, staging, showings, etc. However, be certain you choose someone, who is a Closer, because nothing happens until he closes the deal!

2. Reality; reach; relate; respond: I so strongly believe in this, that I trademarked it, several years ago, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). This means it is important to have a realistic concept of a home’s appeal, strengths and weaknesses, and to market and price it, realistically, from the beginning. Seek an agent who will reach out, not only the conventional way, but using additional networking, and other outreach. How will potential buyers react and relate to your house? How quickly will the agent respond to inquiries, questions, etc?

3. Evaluate; email: You want someone who is able to evaluate conditions and scenarios, so you are well – informed, etc. The responsiveness, in terms of seemingly obvious actions, such as quickly responding to all inquiries, including email, etc, may become significant factors.

4. Advertising; attention; attitude: Your agent should discuss his reasoning, regarding the best Marketing Plan, for your house, including all sorts of advertising, promotion and ideas! Will he pay attention to details, which might make a difference? Does he seem to have a true, can – do, even, positive attitude, or exhibit up – and – down, roller coaster – type, behavior/ emotions?

5. Trends; timely: Real estate markets change often, and your representative should observe, identify and utilize these trends, to your best advantage! Timely, well – considered actions, are essential!

6. Exceed expectations: Beware of rhetoric and empty promises, but seek someone who will under – promise, remain level and realistic, and exceed expectations!

Will your agent effectively CREATE the best set of circumstances, to enhance your home’s performance, regardless of the present real estate market? Have a thorough conversation, and make your decision, based on whom, you feel, will get it done, for you!

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