Information Better Real Estate Practices

Real estate professionals face many challenges, and adventures, some positive, and others, less satisfying and/ or productive. Even the best agents have both good and not – so – great days, so this article will review, using the mnemonic approach, some of the best PRACTICES to utilize, to assure your best performance and results, and maintaining satisfied customers and clients. Understand, there is no such thing as a one – size – fits – all approach, but rather every agent must discover his personal strengths and weaknesses, and learn to best use his strengths, while effectively addressing areas of weakness. The objective of this discussion is creating a happier real estate agent, because when the stress is reduced, one invariably performs better, which means best serving your client’s needs, and priorities.

1. Priorities; planning: Smart agents begin by examining, discussing and understanding both his personal, as well as his client’s needs, concerns and priorities. How can you best address and serve a client, without this understanding? Use this fact – finding mission, to create more effective planning, and be ready, able and willing to respond in the best, most – professional manner!

2. Right: A religious individual might say, to follow the Golden Rule, but, think of this, as focusing on consistently doing what’s right, and serving the best interest, of those you represent. You owe your client your allegiance, as well as having a fiduciary and confidentiality responsibility!

3. Attention: Focus on what’s happening, so you might best serve the needs, etc, of your clients. Pay attention to the market (both nationally, but especially, on a local level), know the competition, be realistic, creative and work hard! The details matter, and you owe it to your client, to fully be prepared and ready!

4. Characteristics: What are your best personal qualities, and how might you best use them, in the best interests of your clients? What characteristics of the subject house, are outstanding, or, on the other hand, sub – par? The better prepared, professional, unemotional, rational, and creative, the better you will serve your client!

5. Trends; techniques: What are the relevant trends, in terms of marketing, advertising, promotion and representation, for your client? Keep a keen – eye on the mortgage rates, and understand its potential impacts, etc. Which techniques have you mastered, including negotiations, sales, marketing, interpersonal relations, etc?

6. Integrity; ideas; ideology: Never deviate from ethical behavior, and maintain absolute integrity! How will your ideas help? Are you and your client, on the same page, in terms of ideology, approaches, etc?

7. Clarity: Never assume, because you understand something, others will, automatically, as well! Articulate clearly and fully, and bring the highest degree of clarity, to your discussions!

8. Empathetic: Never forget, the period of selling one’s home, is often a scary, emotional one! Know your clients, listen effectively, and strive to be a truly, empathetic agent!

9. Strengthening: What have you done, or are willing to do, to strengthen your client’s position, and comfort level? Strengthening and easing the process, is a key asset to possess!