Real Estate Agents Address Concerns In 5 Steps

Real estate professionals, soon come to realize, their profession is an interactive and proactive one, where they are more than mere traffic guards or tour guides, but rather, must help others, make what is often, the most significant financial decision, of their lives. There must be a balance between give – and – take, where the agent neither speaks too often, nor too little. He must be able to comfort, inform, and provide professional expertise, to his customers and clients. It is necessary to adopt the attitude that getting questions/ concerns is a good – thing, and approach it, as such, rather than in a defensive or adversarial manner! This requires extensive training and repetition, as well as having superior knowledge and understanding, in order to be able to respond appropriately, and completely answer questions, and address concerns. This is where using these 5 steps, makes doing so, more comforting and consistent!

1. Step One: Re- state: Never pre – judge what someone may be asking you. Make certain you fully understand, first, before responding. Otherwise, you risk opening up a Pandora’s Box, by bringing up other concerns, which someone may not have. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply saying something like, In other words, you’re concerned about (whatever you believe they have expressed). Never continue until you receive some acknowledgment. This concern may range from pricing, commission rate, market conditions, etc.

2. Step Two: Empathize: People want you to care, but don’t want your sympathy! Effectively listen, and learn the needs, priorities, goals, and concerns of the other person. Then, indicate how you understand, because you’ve been in a similar situation, yourself. It might help to say, I can perfectly understand how you feel. In fact, I felt the same way, and so did almost everyone I’ve ever done business with, until they realized a few things.

3. Step Three: Answer: Clearly, slowly and thoroughly, answer the question or concern. For example, if the concern is about commission, you might say, Commissions vary, but what you probably should care more about, is what you will net, out of the process. Many studies show homeowners get a significantly higher price, when using a Realtor, and what commission someone earns, must relate to the level of service, etc, you receive. And I provide the absolute highest level of service.

4. Step Four: Recreate need: Let’s assume you’ve performed these first three steps, professionally and thoroughly. It’s now time to recreate the need, and re – gain control of the discussion. Many times, you might wish to say, In light of everything we’ve discussed, and the information we’ve shared, let’s get started on achieving your objectives.

5. Step Five: Close: Real estate agents don’t get paid their commissions unless/ until they close a deal! The first step along the way, is to get the listing. Therefore, try closing, by saying, Doesn’t it make sense to get started now, and get you the best possible terms? Doesn’t it?

It is essential to never rush from step – to – step, but rather, you must be patient, and wait for your potential client, to speak, answer, and acknowledge positively. Answering professionally, closing the deal, and believing you can, will get you the best results!