Real Estate Agents when Responding To Emails

Old – time real estate agents, often, fondly recall, the days, when consumers/ buyers learned about available houses, via the newspaper, and, then, if interested, called the listing agent, to schedule a showing. However, in today’s digital world, although newspaper and magazine advertising still exists, it has become an ever – decreasing influence on the overall marketing/ promotion/ advertising of a house. Most potential buyers use the Internet, to begin their search, and research, and rather than calling, will generally either click on some link, or send an email, to request information, etc. These ever – less – patient, potential buyers, often seek and desire as close to instant gratification, as possible. They often send inquiries to multiple agents, and the one who responds effectively, and quickly, generally has the best chance of representing them. Therefore, let’s review 5 simple steps, real estate professionals, should use, to reply/ respond to emails.

1. Carry a smartphone: While most do this, it is important to realize, one’s smartphone, is only as smart, ss the agent who carries and uses it! When you receive an email, respond immediately. Don’t wait until you’re back in front of your computer, but, rather, reply from your smartphone. If you don’t have all the information, you should still respond. If you’re on an appointment, state you are with another client, but will get all the information, to them, as soon as possible. Then, do as you promise! Remember, you can use your device, not only to reply to email, but, to browse the Internet, and get most information back.

2. Follow up: Don’t simply send an email, and forget about it. The successful agent, must follow – up. on his emails, either with a telephone call, if the number is available, or with another, well – written, email. Your communication is a reflection on you, and the first impression, the potential buyer will get, so make it a good one!

3. Make yourself stick out from the crowd: Do you use some tag – line, or slogan, to show, how you are different? Why should someone select you, rather than a competitor? What will you do, and how will you briefly, succinctly, explain it? Use this opportunity as the digital equivalent, of your elevator speech!

4. Benefits of your service/ representation: Why you? Why should they seek you out, choose you, and benefit from the experience? How will you balance self – promotion, with effective marketing and communication?

5. Transform your email communication, to closing a deal: One doesn’t earn a commission, until/ unless he gets a client or customer, to buy or sell something. How will you make your communication, so compelling, so the potential buyer, wants you? Will you close the deal?

Don’t carry a smartphone of you won’t use it effectively! Don’t blame the competition, but show how you stand out from the crowd!