Tell Your Real Estate Clients What They Should To Know

Many years ago, before I ever was a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, I trademarked (service – mark) a slogan, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). When I began in the industry, I continued my basic belief, and attempted to translate it, to how I treated my customers and clients. While some may feel, it is best to avoid conflict and controversy, and better to first gain clients, by focusing the conversation of what one believes a potential client, might want to hear, I feel strongly, it is best to let a client understand what he needs to KNOW, from the onset. While this might potentially cost me clients, it helps me sleep better at night, knowing I have done what I consider right, moral and ethical.

1. Knowledge; kind: Are you trying to shield/ shelter your potential client, or make it easier for yourself? Are you convincing yourself, you are being kind and considerate, and you will feed them information, as they need it? Or, will you expand your comfort zone, and truly be kind, by permitting a potential client, to better understand the process, know which part he plays, how real estate agent/ client teamwork works, and be better ready and prepared? I strongly believe your clients deserve to begin the process with as much relevant knowledge, as possible, because, don’t they deserve that, since, for most people, their house is their single largest financial asset!

2. Needs; nuances; notice: Don’t you have an ethical and moral responsibility, to serve your clients, with empathy and respect, and address their needs, concerns, priorities, and perceptions, even if they are presently not fully aware of some of these? How will you address the specific nuances of their property, addressing weaknesses, proactively, and building upon the strengths? Will you relate and articulate what you have noticed, and presently observe/ notice, so others might benefit from your experiences and expertise?

3. Options; objectives; observations; opportunities: Discuss options and alternatives, regarding issues such as pricing, marketing/ sales, curb appeal, teamwork, and how to best get the best job done! Be certain you’re on the same page, regarding objectives! Will you promptly communicate relevant observations? Will you discuss strategies and opportunities, so the homeowner will benefit?

4. Wisdom; wiser; when; why; what: Share your professional wisdom, in a way, the homeowner might understand and appreciate! The wiser you make your client, the better you can work together, as a team! When will you do certain things, such as Open Houses, price adjustments, strategic changes, etc? Why will you? What are you hoping to achieve and accomplish?

The more relevant information your client possesses, the wiser decision he becomes capable of making! Tell him what he needs to KNOW!