The Disconnect That Happens on the Web and How Crisp Video Can Fight Against it

The web is a bit impersonal and a bit disconnected from all that happens around it and all that it covers. The web seems to exist in a bit of a bubble. People will reference the Internet as a separate entity- a different thing from the real world.

The perception brings forth a troubling reality for online marketers. It seems their entire job revolves around bridging this divide between the Internet as a separate entity and the Internet as a place to connect and draw real inspiration and connection. Some companies have little problem with this divide because the products they sell are separate from the “story.” In other words, the divide is barely a problem for a computer that sells computer parts.

It can be a problem, though, for a company that relies on personal accounts and a legitimate connection. A few professions are intimately concerned with the connection with customers, and they should be. Customers choose a doctor because of a legitimate connection and not because he or she happens to be close by.

Lawyers also face this seemingly insurmountable divide. The web can be a disconnected and surprisingly withdrawn place where people can act unlike themselves. The reactions are not immediate. The website can be clicked away within a second and there may be no coming back. Lawyers face the dilemma of both improving their web presence but keeping it personal. It is a constant battle because web marketing can often be distilled to metrics, clicks, and other specific technical terms. These terms seem to go against any kind of need for a personal connection. It can distill people to a point of data.

Crisp Video answers this divide with video content. Video content is inherently personal. It can display a professional directly without leaning into that natural divide that occurs on the web. Instead of seeing a block of text, a potential client sees a face. Instead of explaining the value of the lawyer in a blog post of text, he or she can do it with their voice.

Video has a few flaws. Unfortunately, it is a bit slower than just commissioning a well-written piece of work. It can also be more expensive. But, video content fights against the disconnect that occurs within web marketing, and that is a battle worth fighting.