The Reasons Responsible Real Estate

Whether one is considering selling his home, or purchasing a house of his own, it is important to be careful, to avoid, merely seeking someone who automatically, consistently, and always agrees with you, even if doing so, might temporarily soothe your ego, make you comfortable, or happy! Seek a real estate professional, who will abide by the basics of my trademarked slogan, I will always tell you what you need to know, NOT just what you want to hear (TM). Perhaps the most important reason to hire a real estate agent, is to get the advice, counsel, expertise, wisdom, and professional judgment, which only comes as a result of extensive training, etc! Let’s review 6 key reasons, you need someone who will NOT always agree!

1. What you need to know, not just want to hear!: Many homeowners are attracted to an agent, who feeds their ego, by agreeing with an unrealistically high listing price! It is important to realize, the only price which matters, is what it sells for, not what you ask! In addition, since most houses, fetch the best price in the first few weeks it is on the market, an unrealistically high listing price, might deter, some qualified, motivated buyers, from even taking a look. Rather, seek an agent who explains the pricing model fully, and carefully, explains the competition, and provides a logical, pricing range!

2. Who’s the professional/ expert? If every buyer or seller, was an expert, why would he need an agent! Therefore, a quality agent must act the part of the professional, and provide expert advice, in many relevant areas, such as pricing, competition, marketing, negotiations, etc.

3. Prioritize expertise and service, NOT just being your friend: It might make you happy to rely on a friend, but only do so, if that friend is a true one, and is candid with you! Seek someone who provides the service, expertise, and know – how, which makes your experience, the best possible one!

4. Pricing strategy: How will you determine the asking price, for your home? Will you be led by your emotions, or focus on market conditions, competition, and what comparable properties, have recently sold for? Discuss thoroughly your pricing strategy, including the need for any future adjustments, etc. Be on the same page as the agent you hire!

5. Marketing plan: Have a complete discussion, about how your house will be marketed, and why! What combination of advertising, promotions, media, showings, Open Houses, etc, will make sense? Follow the agreed upon, marketing plan, and patiently pursue the appropriate path!

6. Client/ Agent Partnership: From the onset, an agent and his client, must both agree to work together, towards the best, common goals! If you wish to sell your home, ask your agent, what you should, and should not do!

You might enjoy it when others tell you what you want to hear, but it’s far more useful, when they tell you what you need to know! Proceed in a smart way!