This Quality You Deserve From Your Real Estate Professional

Whether one wishes to buy or sell real estate, whether for personal, residential reasons/ needs, investment purposes, etc, he has the option of going it alone, or hiring a licensed real estate professional! Many of those opting to do it themselves, state they don’t need help, and/ or wish to avoid paying commissions. However, if the agent you hire commits to the QUALITY you both deserve, and should expect, there should be no reason not to rely upon the services of a licensed, qualified, real estate professional! Numerous studies have indicated that, even after considering commissions, etc, sellers generally net more for their homes, than those doing it themselves, because a good agent should be able to get you the highest available price, in the shortest possible period of time, with a minimum of hassle. Realtors generally share information via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and thus, your property should get more exposure, etc. Let’s review some of the QUALITY you should receive.

1. Question; quest; qualify: Realtors should be proficient at qualifying potential buyers, if you are a seller, and informing you, what you qualify to purchase, if a buyer. This reduces wasting time, resources and energy, and makes the process more effective and efficient! Examine the questions an agent asks, during the period of time when you interview agents, to determine which will best suit your needs! Select someone who asks more relevant questions, and delves deeply into your needs, goals, priorities, and specifics. The agent you should select, should explain how this is a joint quest, where agent and client, working together, optimize results!

2, Useful; usable; unique: How is a specific agent different from others? What unique qualities, characteristics, assets and abilities, does he possess? How will these be useful to you, by being usable in marketing your home, in the most meaningful way?

3. Attention; attitude; articulate: Open communication between agent and client is essential to a smooth process. Is your agent ready, willing, and able to articulate clearly and explain things thoroughly, to your satisfaction? Seek someone with an even, positive attitude! A quality, you should seek, is someone who pays attention to your needs, in a timely, effective way!

4. Listen; learn: When there is mutual respect, both client and agent, effectively listen to each other, and are on the same page! Listening only matters if a real estate professional learns consistently, and addresses pertinent matters!

5. Integrity; ideas: What ideas will be shared, regarding your options, regarding marketing, pricing, staging, etc? Can you feel confident, your agent will maintain the integrity, you deserve?

6. Trust; truth: Tell your agent the truth, so there are no surprises, and expect the same from him! When there is mutual trust, the process proceeds far more smoothly, effectively and efficiently!

7. You: In the final result, your agent serves you!

You’ve hired a professional, and deserve QUALITY! Seek the agent who will best serve your needs and expectations!