Tips for Choosing the Right Ceiling Fans

For decades ceiling fans have been mainstays in warm climates. They cooling breezes and circulate stale air. Today stylish versions, like Casablanca fans, are also used to make decorating statements. They are easy to install and suppliers offer a huge variety of models. There are lighted and unlighted models in every size, to match any decorating style.

Decorating Style Determines Fan Type

Ideally ceiling fans should complement or match home decorating themes. Shoppers can choose from a variety of colors, sizes and styles. For example, there are modern bronze, bright white cottage style and brushed cocoa outdoor fans. Indoor models include brushed nickel, wooden and edgy black blades. Clients who are creating classic looks can opt for pewter or antique brass products. Blades can also help set the mood. Suppliers offer them in edgy rectangular styles and more classic, rounded edges. There are even bamboo blades that add a tropical look.

Lighted Fans Can Multitask

Customers can further stylize their fans and increase function by adding lights. There are light kits that can be added to existing fans and dozens of fans which include build-in lights. They range from sleek modern single light fixtures to classic shades that replicate historic lighting. Shoppers can choose from lights that include 1-4 bulbs. Adding lights can save the cost of buying lamps for rooms or outdoor areas. Many also include wall or hand held remote controls.

Room Size Should Determines Fan Size

Once homeowners have made style and lighting choices, the next most important decision is fan size. That is critical to ensure that fans are effective. While ceiling fans do not actually chill the air, they can make them feel cooler. A carefully chosen and installed fan can reduce energy costs as much as 40%. Fortunately, suppliers make finding the best product simple by offering small, medium and large models. Sellers can also help shoppers choose once they know their room sizes and ceiling heights.

Ceiling fans are good-looking room accessories that help homeowners lower energy costs. Manufacturers offer lighted and unlighted fans in a wide range of colors and styles. They also make fans to fit any room, regardless of size or ceiling height.